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Strategic Partner Affiliations

Strategic Partnerships

Though SBAM does not have local chapters or affiliates, we do work with various organizations around the state to offer joint memberships.  We currently have relationships with the following groups.  If you would like more information on how your organization can become involved with SBAM, 请联系 Sherry Bryan, SBAM’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & 认证在 雪利酒

Tony Vernaci | AIAM

Current Strategic Partners

Michigan Franchise Owners Association of 7-11 Logo

Michigan Franchise Owners Association 7-11

Michigan Celebrates Small Business

Michigan Celebrates Small Business is a collaboration of trusted statewide organizations who offer collective resources to support, promote and celebrate small business.

自2005年以来, Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards gala placed a spotlight on how small businesses positively impact our communities and state. As a newly formed 501(c)3, Michigan Celebrates now offers programs and services to the Michigan Celebrates Small Business awardees to accelerate their growth and connect them with additional resources.

MCSB 董事会

Dan Wyant | Edward Lowe Foundation
Colleen Killen-Roberts | Edward Lowe Foundation
Jennifer Deamud | Manufacturing Growth Alliance
Ann Parker | Small Business Association of Michigan

Brian Calley | Small Business Association of Michigan
Josh Hundt | Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Chis Holman | Michigan Business Network
Cynthia Kay | Cynthia Kay & Co. 媒体产品

Camron Gnass | Traction
J. D. Collins | Michigan Small Business Development Center
Todd Gustafson | Kinexus